Karen and Isabella, her horse 5/08

(phone session with Isabella in Georgia)

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for helping Isabella, She was much better the next day. Left ankle still a bit tender. I told Keith to call you if that doesn’t resolve in a couple of days. it was so wonderful to be with her.

Karen Welter, WS

Long Distance Works for Red 5/08

Most of the work Karen does with us is long distance but once, she came out and spent the day working and meeting out dogs, cats and horses. She is so insightful. All the animals including our skeptical cats, had to meet her.

Our real victory – or I should say Karen’s real victory came at a time when we really needed her. Our 24 year old retired thoroughbred, Red came up lame in front a month or so ago. We had the vet out, wrapped the foot, but no real diagnosis. One day after work, we noticed that he was getting a little wobbly. We had the vet out again. The vet wasn’t sure what the problem was – maybe his front feet were sore from a trimming and that was putting more pressure on his hind end. The vet had no options for treatment. He was diagnosed by the vet as being neurological. By evening, Red was worse. He could hardly stand. His back leg kept giving out and he ended up doing circles around his front feet. We called Karen and she went to work right away. While she was working on him, I told her several times on the phone that it was of no use, we were going to have to call the emergency vet and have him put down. BUT, slowly, he started to be able to balance. After an hour, Red was standing quietly. Red was balancing on the rails of his corral but he was standing still and relaxed enough that he was eating. We continued to see improvement over the next few days and by about the sixth day, Red was back to his old goofy self and back to spending time in his turnout with his other old buddy.

We have had a lot of sessions with Karen; for our animals and a few for us. During this time, she has shown compassion and a gift for discovering the real underlying issues. I know it is difficult to believe – but it has worked for me and my animals. I can’t explain it but I’ve seen it work.

Cindy Love and George Naas, Agua Dulce, CA

Riley’s Headshaking 5/08

Karen has really gone above and beyond for our horses. Riley has been diagnosed as a ‘headshaker’. It is a little understood condition that can be caused by any number of things. Karen performed cranio-sacral therapy on Riley to which he has responded very well. Recently Riley relapsed and Karen was able to determine that he keeps throwing his neck and head out of alignment when he sticks his head through the corral rails to try and get little wisps of hay. So we fixed up his corral and Karen worked on him again – and he is good once again!

Cindy Love and George Naas, Agua Dulce, CA

George’s Shoulder 5/08

My wife had me practically kicking and screaming to the phone where Karen proceeded to work on my shoulder with the rotator cuff repair. I could feel the areas she was working on at the time. Beside normal growing-old aches and pains, my shoulder has really bothered me for years since a riding injury and subsequent operation. A few sessions with Karen and now that shoulder is better than my ‘good’ one. Another time, I called her when my arm developed a mysterious and severe pain. It really was awful and took two treatments – but it is gone now and my arm is fine.

George Naas, Agua Dulce, Ca


Holly Ricotta  Karen KruegerKaren worked on my top barrel horse Missy on Sept 26th. October 1st I had a barrel race. Wow! What a difference. My mare always runs super and is very consistant but she “flowed” this time and she ran her fastest time ever at that particular arena. All top competitive horses in any discipline would benefit from Karen’s Equine Body Work. It is a great alternative. In my profession I have to keep my athletic horses in top condition to keep them competitive and winning. I am glad to incorporate Karen’s work into my program.

Thanks Karen!

Holly Ricotta
Multi Champion Barrel Racer and Clinician


Thank you for doing your wonderful work on my horse HR Rockn Hickory aka:”BJ”. I don’t have information on this horse since his purchase as a 4 year old. Therefore I like to cover all my bases and make sure the horse is in top shape prior to barrel racing training. Wonderful stuff and I am glad you exposed to me to these wonderful methods.Craniosacral Therapy and Quantum-touch are amazing! I recommend this to all barrel racing horses at any level. I will continue to incorporate these wonderful methods within my program.

I am glad to have Karen on my HR Team. Karen will be my guest speaker at my Barrel Racing Workshops and she will also be available for appointments for students attending the clinic as well.

Thank you Karen!

Holly Ricotta
Multi Champion Barrel Racer and Clinician


Magic is my breeding stock paint that I have had since he was 9 mos old and is currently 4 years old. He has had allergies off and on and has been in training off and on. A couple of months ago during a round pen session he got a little exuberant and as he was going around a corner he slipped and fell with his hind quarters going out behind him. He got up and kept going, and didn’t show any signs of lameness. Later on into the summer he had a cough and a cold after a hospital stay, and then developed really bad fly allergies. The flies flocked to him. I suspected that he had an energy imbalance as well as immune deficiency. I supplemented him with different things, but I never had time to devote to a “session” for him. I had other people treating him, but I am embarrassed to say, I didn’t treat him myself specifically. He hasn’t lost weight or shown any signs of wasting of muscle mass.

A week ago, I made an appointment for him with me. I arranged for someone to hold him since he likes to “walk”, and I found cold spots along his back with two vertebrae out balance in his back, one with a spasm along near the middle of his back. Another one was in his lumbar area, right before the croup. I could feel the “twist or torsion” in the lower back certainly caused by that fall. It was most likely what was creating the energy block causing the cold spots. I worked those areas with him giving good releases and then worked his bladder meridian with accupressure, and the ting points around his coronet bands on all four feet.

I rechecked him 3 days later, and the cold spots were gone, the spasms were gone and the vertebrae were completely smooth. I turned him out and he had beautiful floating movement, and the most notable is the flies are not flocking to him like they were. And his allergy looks like it’s improving. I am continuing to give him tune ups every other day.

Karen Krueger


Dear Karen:

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done on Luke and for the attitude change it has caused. I was told he was having severe headaches, probably due to TMJ. I checked into the the best treatments for TMJ which pointed me in your direction. What a tremendous difference your treatments have made in his personality. He was originally “up-headed,” face shy, you couldn’t get near his ears, and he threw his head almost constantly. He just seemed miserable all the time. Since you have treated him, he is like a different horse. I think he acts like a completely different horse. Thank you again.

Tracy Bradler, Escondido, CA


Karen asked to use one of my horses as a case study for her ECST2 class. I said Cinders would be great since we stopped riding her because she started bucking and rearing. We have had her since she was a baby, and she is 18 now. Cinders is not friendly and has a bad attitude, but when Karen went into her stall to start working on her, she became very still and let Karen touch her. Before the treatment, Cinder’s range of motion in her neck was limited, she could not turn her neck from side to side and it was difficult to lower her head all the way down. After 15 minutes of Karen working on her head and neck, Cinders suddenly started turning her neck from side to side, saying “look at what I can do!” I was pretty amazed, since Karen’s touch is so light. Afterwards we noticed an improvement in her attitude towards people and horses and she has maintained her improved range of motion.

Colleen, Gavilan Hills, CA


Hi Karen Once again THANK YOU for your astounding work on Rick. What an amazing transformation from yesterday to today. As you know he had been struggling in his work to the right without the ability to even bend in that direction. He would attempt to do the work but for the past few months has been acting out on the pain he received for his efforts. After your work on him last night and this morning on the phone between your home in Los Angeles and his home in Las Vegas he was able to work this afternoon for the first time apparently without pain. His eye remained soft and his attitude relaxed. He worked to the right and left equally and had NO acting out and even offered a couple strides of lengthened trot! He cantered for the first time to the right and never looked like he was struggling and not one time did he toss his head. Kudos to you and THANK YOU!

Gay McCall, Las Vegas, Nevada
Dressage Trainer


June 11, 2007

I have scoliosis which is a curvature of the spinal cord. In my specific case, I have a S curve in which the spine curves in my neck and lower back. As a result, my physical therapist said that my hips were tilted and rotated. X-rays taken by my Sports Medicine doctor confirmed this.

When I first went to Karen I was skeptical about the whole process but was at my wits end. My doctors were telling me there was nothing they could do and that I would have to live with the scoliosis and hope the condition did not continue to deteriorate. I am also a horsewoman and was told by my physical therapist that I would not be able to ride without pain. A former riding instructor of mine said that he did not think I would be able to become an advanced rider due to my physical limitations. At this point I was desperate and willing to try anything.

I decided to devote six months to working with Karen to see if it could make a difference. Although I did not initially think to come to Karen for other health conditions, I noticed other changes occurring. For one, I am bowlegged and had definite curvatures to my thighs and calves. My legs have really straightened and I’ve gained 3/4 inches in height. Also, I have a medical condition called endometriosis that causes me to suffer extremely painful menstrual cramps. I noticed a change in this almost immediately after working with Karen. I have been off of the medication my doctors were prescribing me for about 6 months now and instead of the pain getting progressively worse as it normally does, I feel better every cycle.

Through working with Karen, I have seen significant changes in my riding. After 3 sessions my spine was straightened and my hips leveled. I sit much taller in the saddle and my legs hang more correctly. My instructor just said to me that he wishes he had taken pictures of how my legs used to look when I first started riding with him about 7 months ago and how they look now, the change is that drastic.

Working with Karen has changed my life as I am now pain free and am able to do things that mean the world to me with more success. I have brought friends and family members to see her and the changes in them are phenomenal also. I can not express my gratitude with a simple thank you but I do so anyway. Thank you Karen.

Scarlett Cherry, Los Angeles,California
Pamela Duffy-Trotter – Sunsprite Sporthorses…

Karen literally worked miracles on my Hanoverian Mare, Econda. She presented with a severe form of vertigo, and frightened both my veterinarian and myself. She was alsow very scared, I could tell from her panicked expression. Karen calmly and confidently worked on Econda (it took only 2 sessions!) The results were amazing. Rather than leaning on her stall wall for support, she walked straight ahead, carried her head and neck completely differently than before, and moved with her usual confidence. The look of relief in her eyes was a welcome gift to all of us at Sunsprite Ranch.

I am always impressed with Karen’s work and grateful for her help with keeping the horses sound, healthy and happy.

Pamela Duffy-Trotter
Sunsprite Warmbloods
Temecula, CA


Dear Karen,

Because of a condition called “Frozen Shoulder and Frozen Hand” that I developed approximately five years ago I was unable to have full movement of my left arm and left hand. I was not able to raise my arm up over my head; even limited motions were extremely difficult and painful. I was also unable to close my left hand into a fist and did not have the use of my fingers and thumb in a way that would allow me to pick up or hold things like a piece of paper or a small object due to the lack of control, coordination and strength in my hand. Trying to hold or carry a glass of water was completely out of the question. When you came to treat me my lower back had been out for about six days. Walking, sitting or laying in any positing was extremely difficult and painful.

It was absolutely amazing and unbelievable the the changes that took place from just one of your healing treatments. My back pain was completely gone; I was able to walk, sit and lay in any position without pain. As for my frozen shoulder, you’ve given me back almost complete range of motion without pain. I’m also now able to use my hand to make a fist, hold and pick up objects that I’ve not been able to do in years. During those five years I was looked at and treated by an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists; none of which were able to achieve, even over a period of time, what you’ve done for me in one session. I’m so grateful to you and your incredible gift.


Emie Amemiya
Film Producer, Los Angeles, CA

Kim Carnow…

I received my 1st treatment from Karen today 8-5-07 and it was truly amazing….I could feel her energy run through my body….I walked away with feeling back in my hands after a 2 month old injury from a hit on the head that left no feelings in both hands. I have been treated by 5 others with only minor relief….I would tell anyone looking for a healer to look no further. Thank You Karen….You have made me so Happy!

Kim Carnow
La Canada, CA


Karen, I wanted to thank you so much for saving Daisy’s life. Just a little history about Daisy. Daisy is a 5lb Maltese and very fragile. On Sept. 11th, 2007 Daisy had 13 seizures. After taking her to the vet and the vet giving her valium and phenabarbitol, which they said she would have to be on for the rest of her life she had 6 more seizures on Sept. 12th with the phenabarbitol!! The next day on Sept. 13th she had 3 more seizures. I laid on my bed with her asking for help. A very good friend of mine came to mind.

I e-mailed her and she told me to call her immediately. This was at 9am. I called her and she gave me Karens phone number. I called Karen immmediately and she started working on Daisy as soon as she asked me a few questions. I had never met Karen or spoke with her, but I felt I had known her forever.

While Karen was working on Daisy she told me Daisy would be doing certain things during the session, and sure enough Daisy responded like Karen said she would!! It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. We spent two hours on the phone with Karen and since Sept 13th 2007 Daisy has not had any seizures at all and is completely back to normal!! No brain, eye, or organ damage.

Karen is an absolute angel!! I felt so much love and caring from her and I know Daisy did also. Every time Karen put the phone down Daisy would look at me as if to say “where did Karen go?”. The minute Karens hand just touched the phone Daisy would relax again, put her head down and let out a big sigh. It was as if Daisy knew where Karen was at all times!! Daisy stopped taking the phenabarbitol that day and thanks to Karen I have my sweet little Maltese back in perfect health!! We love you Karen!!!

Mary Humphrey, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Siera 11/25/07…

Long story short, yesterday I had a craniosacral therapist out to evaluate my increasingly cranky, starting to grind her teeth, highly sensitive mare. I had long suspected something other than back soreness was at work, so I decided to give this a try.

The therapist was using light touches/ massages on the horse, who was clearly enjoying it. Being a proove-it-to-me skeptic, it was kind of hard to know for sure though if the “releases” she described were really taking place. She diagnosed some old traumas to the right cheek, the bone in the top of her head (her poll, basically), and soreness on her right withers and left back. All of which would fit with her under-saddle behaviour, and generally head/ear sensitivity. She “released” everything, and again, the mare was clearly enjoying it. So it all SEEMED pretty good. But still- my doubts remained.

THEN, I happened to mention I had scoliosis, had undergone a spinal fusion when I was 16 (15 years ago!), and had difficulty turning to the left (range of motion 60-70 degrees, versus 140 or so to the right). My shoulders were noticeably uneven and my right ribcage poked out significantly.

The therapist is interested, and tells me to stand still. i do so, feeling slightly silly. After no more than a minute, she tells me to turn to the left. I WHIPPED AROUND TO 140 DEGREES, MAYBE MORE. It has been 15 years since I was able to do that- as I said, if I worked at it I could have acheived 60-70 degrees. I noticed a warm tingling all the way up and down my spine. I felt my shoulders. They were EVEN. My right ribcage, while not completely flat, was significantly flatter. I just couldn’t believe it and kept trying out my new range of motion. My spine continued to tingle for about an hour. And the therapist didn’t even touch me!

I woke up this morning and felt FANTASTIC. i didn’t realize how “achy” my back was, until it wasn’t! I practically ran to the bathroom to check my shoulders. yup, still even. I turned to the left, and to the right. I could still turn equally in both directions- 140 degrees. I wanted to cry!

I went to the barn to ride my girls, and was able to stay centered on my horse without the perpetual struggle I’ve always had- I was always re-balancing to the left, I always felt like I was sliding to the right. My left stirrup has always felt shorter than my right (I’m always checking to see if some litle elf somehow changed my stirrup lengths and they never had ). Today they felt EVEN. I can’t wait to jump and see if my balance is much better!

So as I said, I’m a proove-it-to me kind of person. but I certainly don’t lie to myself. And my back isn’t lying. It has felt fabulous all day. I haven’t ONCE had to put my right bra strap back on . My jeans don’t have that funny wrinkle in the zipper from my hips being uneven. did I mention my shoulders are even, and I can turn equally to the right AND the left?

The jury is still out on my mare, as I only did a light walking hack with her today. However she was very pleasant and jigged maybe once or twice, instead of her usual jig-the-whole-hack. I will start some actual work with her tomorrow and will be sure to report back.

But today…today I became a believer.

Heather Young
San Juan Capistrano


My horse had surgery for multiple sarcoids on his sheath, and after the surgery which required general anesthetic and laying him on his back, he was limping and stumbling to the point where I couldn’t ride him. I consulted with different health practitioners and got their opinions on therapies and tried a couple without any success. The opinions were that there was a pinched nerve in his back that was causing the lameness. Then I met Karen, and she explained what she does with CST and offered her services to help Jasper. After a combination of nutritional therapy and several CST treatments, Jasper is completely sound. After his initial recovery, Jasper suddenly started throwing his head up in the air while being bridled, this was not a good sign as he had never done this before. As it turned out his occiput had a torsion and once it was released, he stopped throwing his head up while I was bridling him. There are so many times Karen has helped both of us.

Kellei Vogler., San Juan Capistrano, CA
Pat’s Neck and Her Horse’s Dressage Scores 3/15/08…

I was complaining to a horsie friend about my overall aches and pains (and I have many as a rather senior adult amateur 3 day eventer).

She suggested I read a certain thread on the Chronicle of the Horse board….it just happened to be Heather Young’s post and I was intrigued with the whole idea of someone being able to make such dramatic improvements in her mobility without even touching her. SO, I contacted Karen and thought I’d at least get a recommendation for a cranio-sacral therapist out here on the east coast.

What I discovered was that these same “adjustments” can not only be made without actually touching someone, they can be made long-distance!! My experience was very similar to Heather’s in that my neck was the biggest problem…..no longer any pain, just amazing!!!

Even my skeptical, nuts and bolts husband became a believer when he saw the difference in the way I felt. So I decided to have Karen work long-distance on a horse we felt was having some difficulty just releasing in his flatwork. The hour long session was truely amazing to watch and I had a witness to the work and the results.

The horse not only improved in his work at home and his attitude towards work, he improved his dressage score 10 points at his next show!!!!! He is happier and working through his topline properly for the first time since we brought him off the track.

I couldn’t be more impressed or more thankful to Karen for this gift and for all her wonderful support for both me and the horse. I hope to continue this wonderful relationship and hope to someday actually get to meet Karen in person. Thanks again Karen, you are the best!!!

Pat Mansfield, Maryland, www.abitbetterfarm.com

Marcus 7/30/07 excerpted from an email …

The “school board” did see remarkable changes/advances in Marcus when he went back to school after their long break. I did discuss that Marcus is seeing you and the benefits you provide.

Both the psychologist and counselor are familiar with your therapy. The counselor in fact had received an invitation to a seminar to learn about the use and advances with the therapy. So she was thrilled to know we were pursuing this therapy for him. They were impressed to learn that he was very interested in and good at playing chess.

Marcus was in the meeting, and when I began to talk about you, he sat up really straight, his eyes lit up and he was very alert to the conversation. I asked him if he could tell them how if felt after his time with you and he smiled and said great. They asked when was the last time he had your therapy, and Marcus spoke up and said probably about 3 months ago. I said it might seem that long ago, but that we did need to get another appointment scheduled.

Marcus’ Grandmother, Sun City, California

Did You Know?...
- Most training and behavioral problems are due to pain or discomfort.

- Pain is the leading cause of anxiety, which leads to resistance and ill temper.

-Horses that hold their heads up and hollow their backs are trying to avoid head or back pain.

-Proper saddle fit is necessary to allow freedom of movement through the back.

DISCLAIMER: Equine Body Work or the Balanced Integrative Therapy program should never replace the advice of a veterinarian. Always consult a veterinarian in case of an emergency.