karen krueger horse therapyKaren Krueger gives horse owners a new and dynamic approach to addressing the common complaints they have when owning and competing horses. Her body work program uses the best techniques from Equine CranioSacral Therapy, Quantum-Touch™, and Oriental Energetic Medicine. As a specialist in all three, Karen’s Balanced Integrative Therapy is a unique blend of all three and can assist horses in overcoming many mental, physiological and physical issues that hinder performance and attitude.

Does your horse spook, toss it’s head or buck? This could be caused by headaches (yes horses get headaches). Spooking or head shyness can be the result of a compressed Temporal Mandibular Joint or Temporal Plates in combination with other cranial bones. As soon as these areas of restriction or compressions are released, the horse has a new outlook on life and will be much happier to please.

Does your horse hollow his back seemingly trying to get away from pain? The major cause of this could be saddle fit. Have a competent saddle fitter check your saddle for a good fit.

Karen Krueger is a Master Energy Therapist, and she assists the horse and owner with physical, systemic and deeper emotional issues that can weaken the horse’s body and manifest into physical problems. The Balanced Integrative Therapy program can be used to address these issues for faster healing.

Did You Know?...
- Most training and behavioral problems are due to pain or discomfort.

- Pain is the leading cause of anxiety, which leads to resistance and ill temper.

-Horses that hold their heads up and hollow their backs are trying to avoid head or back pain.

-Proper saddle fit is necessary to allow freedom of movement through the back.

DISCLAIMER: Equine Body Work or the Balanced Integrative Therapy program should never replace the advice of a veterinarian. Always consult a veterinarian in case of an emergency.